Student Research Awards - Spring 2023 Symposium

The symposium is the culminating event for students enrolled in HTH 408: Health Research Methods. This course involves student-initiated research projects that go through the Institutional Review Board (IRB) process. Working in small groups, students identify a gap in the literature and select a research methodology and instruments to answer their research question. After IRB approval, students collect, manage and analyze their data.

Best Overall Project:

The Effect of Drinking Rate and Anxiety Level in College Students
Ally Costello, Jason Hunger, Emily Missana, Annika Putur, and Olivia Teall

Best Presentation:

The Effect of Phone Usage on Sleep Health
Bella Dowdell, Jenna Hill, Luke Lotsis, Jasmine Romero, and Ana Tsiros

Best Poster:

Social Media Usage and Mental Health Outcomes Among JMU Population
Erica Bauserman, Taylor Donoghue, Madison Dougaree, Alexa Eisenbart, and Marissa James

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