On behalf of our current students, alumni, faculty and staff of the Department of Health Sciences in the College of Health and Behavioral Studies at James Madison University, welcome to the Department of Health Sciences! We welcome your interest in one of the most rewarding and exciting areas of professional study. Health Sciences includes multiple disciplines and focuses on emerging issues and research that impacts the health of individuals, communities, and beyond. Given the current and future global demand for well-trained and passionate health professionals, now is the perfect time to study in our department. Explore the variety of courses in the curriculum to find your passion and begin your path to personal and professional discovery.

As a department, our faculty are well-trained in and committed to informed practice and advocacy in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusive excellence. We teach and research at the cutting edge of multi-dimensional health and wellness, sustainability of health care and our environment, and emphasize the importance of focusing on the multiple determinants of health, doing so through a lens of procedural justice.

Your preparation in the area of Health Sciences is your launching point to a wide variety of professionally rewarding careers that make a real difference to your community. Our department prepares undergraduate students to pursue either entry level careers in multiple health sciences fields supporting medical/pharmaceutical, hospital/out-patient care, health promotion, federal or state government to further credentialing in graduate professional programs (e.g. dentistry, medicine, occupational therapy, pharmacy, physical therapy, public health, and others). Our outstanding faculty and staff are prepared to facilitate your academic journey. Whatever your health sciences interest, we know you will find your professional passion and make your mark with a major in Health Sciences!

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