The wet lab (cadaver anatomy lab) is located in Burruss Hall; a very short walk from the Health & Behavioral Studies building, and right across the street from the Student Success Center.  The lab features twelve dissection tables each with an associated computer monitor where dissection outlines, atlas images, or additional anatomical resources can be displayed to aid in dissection.  There are also overhead cameras so that cadaver findings at one table can be “broadcast” to the other table monitors as needed.  The lab also has a dry table seating area with countless plastic models available for learning, as well as pro-sected, plastinated body sections.

Typically PA students work in groups of four students per cadaver to complete a full body dissection over the course of the semester.  We strongly believe that full body dissection is not only the best way to learn anatomy, but also an opportunity to practice surgical dissection skills that will benefit the student in future clinical practice.

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