For 2024-2025

In support of faculty research, teaching and professional development, the Dean’s Office frequently offers mini-grants to be used as seed money for faculty projects.


Mini-grant funds may be used as seed money for various faculty projects or to fund small-scale faculty needs. Areas of funding might include:

  • One-time purchase of supplies or equipment for curricular design/innovation and instruction
  • Materials for research or scholarly endeavors
  • Projects in support of student success and/or inclusive excellence
  • Support for professional travel that meets a unique need, such as specific research opportunities or specialized training to enhance teaching, etc. Travel to attend or present at conferences, in general, is not funded. Please note that travel must occur before May 15 of the award year.
  • These grants are not intended to support student research (e.g., honors thesis, master’s or dissertation research) or student travel, and cannot be used for gifts or donations.
  • Projects that include funding requests for faculty summer stipends will not be granted, due to the date by which funds must be expended.


The mini-grant awards will be based on the following:

  • Quality of the idea or proposal
  • Relation to the academic unit and College mission (We engage students, faculty and communities in learning, scholarship and service in health and behavioral studies to inspire responsible contributions to our world.)
  • Need (based on potential availability of other funding)

Proposal Submission


  • Your name
  • Your department name
  • Any other faculty members included on the proposal with their department name(s) (All participating faculty members must be in CHBS)
  • Amount of funds requested (including an itemized and detailed list of the requests); grant funds may not be awarded for publication fees or other costs associated with research dissemination.
  • Short explanation of the proposal (i.e., how you would intend to use the funds and how this will enhance your professional life, advance the mission and goals of your academic unit, and advance the mission and priorities of the College). Explanations must be limited to 250 words.
  • Applicants should discuss mini-grant proposal with their respective AUH or appropriate director.
  • For grant applications including equipment requests, the applicant is responsible for ensuring the unit has adequate space to house the equipment purchase.


The mini-grant amount is up to $1,000.

Mini-grant funds must be spent by May 15 of the awarded year. All requests for funds must follow the state guidelines (see Guidelines and Spending Regulations for CHBS) and be in compliance with accounting and audit requirements.

If you find that your award funds cannot be used as your original proposed budget indicated, please notify the Dean’s Office, through Julie Love, right away.

When applicable, a copy of the IRB or IACOC approval and approved protocol must be submitted to Julie Love prior to any disbursements of funds.

Deadline and Review of Applications

Applications are due by 5:00 pm (EST) on Friday, January 17, 2025. Late submissions cannot be accepted.
Application review begins after the application deadline. Recipients will be notified via e-mail within approximately 30 days of the application deadline. The recipients of awards will also be listed on the CHBS website.

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