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Many factors can influence the design of Service-Learning (S-L) including the type of course, type of community engagement, degree of integration, and the agreement between you and your community partner. CEVC is here to support faculty every step of the way from revising your syllabus and identifying community partners, to designing a thoughtful experience and developing strategies to enhance student learning. Please contact Mary Denlinger ( approximately one semester in advance to schedule a course consultation.

CEVC subscribes to the P.A.R.E. (Preparation, Action, Reflection, and Evaluation) model as a means for preparing and supporting students and faculty to create high quality and mutually beneficial S-L. In the timeline below, the P.A.R.E. model is used as a framework to illustrate the approximate progression of S-L courses at JMU.

Timeline for Developing and Implementing a S-L Course

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