Opportunities for BIPOC students matter, and JMU is committed to social justice and inclusion. Our office holds social justice as one of our core values and defines this as a commitment to “working towards equity, access, and inclusion on individual and institutional levels.” We recognize our responsibility to help dismantle racial injustice and discrimination in the workplace as we prepare students to enter the world of work.

We are committed to examining our services—including events, career fairs, workshops, and appointments—to ensure they are equitable, accessible, and inclusive for all students. We are committed to educating employers that recruit at JMU to think critically and expand upon their Equal Employment Opportunities, to reduce bias in selecting students to interview, and to employ equitable hiring practices. We are committed to holding employers that recruit at JMU accountable through our recruiting policies. 

Take Action

We encourage our community—leadership, faculty, staff, students, alumni, employers—to take action with us. Visit the resources below to learn more about ways you can support social justice, personally and in the workplace. These are not exhaustive resource lists, and our commitments will evolve as we identify ways to fulfill our mission, vision, and values more fully.

Upcoming Programming

Job Search Tools

As well as these Identity-Based Resources:

Ways to Support Anti-Racism 

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