Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The CISE Career and Internship Fair is open to all majors of the College of Integrated Science and Engineering.

The CISE Career and Internship Fair gives organizations an opportunity to connect with and recruit our biotech, computer science, engineering, geography, intelligence analysis and integrated science and technology students.

Note that this event will still occur even if JMU closes or has modified hours in the case of inclement weather.

Who's Coming 

Check out the list of employers in Handshake for the most up-to-date information on which employers are coming. Check out this brief tutorial on researching employers before the fair.

Step 1: Find the Career Fair in Handshake and Register

You will need to register in Handshake in order to see all registered employers and sign up for sessions to chat with them.


  1. Log into your Handshake account. Go to the EVENTS tab via the menu bar.
  2. Select CAREER FAIRS.
  3. Click on the name of the fair, then select the blue REGISTER button. 

Watch this video to learn how to find a career fair in Handshake and sign up for group and 1:1 sessions.

Step 2: Sign up for 1 on 1 and Group Sessions

Sign up early so you are guaranteed a spot.

  • 1 on 1 sessions are 10 minutes long
  • Group sessions are 30 minutes long
  • You can sign up for a session up to 1 minute before the start time, but once a session has started you are unable to sign up for it
  • Read this article on Signing Up for & Managing Virtual Fair Sessions

What is a Virtual Fair Like?

Check out these articles:

Note: there will not be a check-in process for virtual fairs. When you join a group or 1:1 session, Handshake will automatically check you in.

Step 3: Stand out at the Virtual Fair

  • Upload your Resume to Handshake.
  • Find out which employers are attending. Once you are registered, you will be able to scroll through registered employers and click to company profiles. This is important so that you don’t miss a key employer you really want to talk to.
  • Research the employers you want to meet. 
  • Prepare a few talking points. Your “elevator pitch” is a short overview about your background, studies and career goals.
  • Dress professionally. Dressing up a bit, even for an online fair, will help boost your confidence and make you feel polished.
  • Find a quiet spot and a neutral background. Try to limit potential distractions for yourself and for the recruiters.
  • Arrive on time. It’s very important to show up to your selected session start time
  • Maintain eye contact and practice active listening. Think about your non-verbals and limit distractions around you so that you aren’t tempted to look away from the screen. 

Ask questions. Bring a list of prepared questions for each session. Have a pen and paper ready so you can jot down new questions as you have conversations with a recruiter.

Read: Attending a Virtual Career Fair? Here Are 10 Tips You Need to Know

Handshake hosted a webinar for students, to answer questions about the student virtual fair experience. You can find a link to the webinar recording here

Step 4: Participate!

A few reminders to feel cool and confident ahead of your sessions for the day of the virtual fair:

    • Continue to sign up for group and 1:1 sessions. You will be able to sign up for sessions up to one minute before the start time; once the session has started you will be unable to sign up for the session.
  • Check your technology. Be sure you have a strong internet connection and that your audio and video are working properly. You can test your technology using this link: 
    • Use Chrome and Firefox. These browsers best support video and audio functions for Handshake virtual fairs. Be sure to enable pop-ups from Handshake in your browser to allow audio and video. 
    • Join your sessions. On the day of the virtual fair, you will be able to join sessions via the Your Sessions tab in the fair. You’ll see a banner on your dashboard that will take you there. When on your fair schedule, there will be a “Join Video” button that you will click for each time slot you have scheduled.
  • Have a backup plan. Should audio or video functions fail during your sessions, have your email, LinkedIn link, or other information you would want to make sure the recruiter has that can be communicated through the Handshake chat feature during the fair.

You’ve got this! Take a deep breath and go for it! 

The JMU University Career Center and the College of Integrated Science and Engineering have your back. Reach out to us with any questions or concerns using the contact information above.

Step 5: Get Ready for Your Next Steps

  • Follow up with representatives you met with in 1:1 sessions. You can see your past sessions in the “Your Sessions” tab of the fair.
  • View and apply to open jobs or internships in Handshake.
  • Schedule an appointment on Handshake with the JMU University Career Center for...
    • Talking about career options
    • Creating and editing resumes, CVs, and cover letters
    • Preparing for interviews
    • Preparing for graduate school
    • Learning how to use LinkedIn more effectively
    • ...and more!


If you have questions about Handshake or registration, please contact Lindsey Scott at or 540-568-6555.

If you have questions regarding logistics, please contact Lyn Chandler at or 540-568-5557.

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