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Career Advisor & Liaison to College of Business, Hart School
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My Career Journey

My career journey has gone through several turns. My undergraduate degrees are in Biology and Applied Health Sciences. I worked as a lab technician for a few years and then spent many years teaching English as a Second Language in Toledo, Ohio. In the latter role, I learned that having something impactful to offer people, especially when they find themselves in a vulnerable space, is what I find most rewarding. I needed to move out of Ohio, but I also decided that I wanted to work with Adult Learners in a different capacity. Student Affairs seemed like the right profession for me. I attended Monmouth University and received a M.S.Ed in Student Affairs and College Counseling. While there, I got on a train and commuted an hour north every week to do my internship at the New Jersey Institute of Technology Career Services office in Newark, NJ. What I learned there empowered me and allowed me to be more intentional about my own career development. I found it so rewarding to be a part of a student’s career success that I wanted to remain in this field. Shortly after graduating, I started working at JMU as a Career Advisor. I hope to grow in my role and help students grow in their self-understanding as they navigate their career journeys.

More About Me

3 words that describe me:
  • Patient
  • Empathetic
  • Curious

3 fun facts about me:

  • I love record collecting since I used to be a College Radio DJ. These days I spend more time listening to podcasts, though.
  • I love reading, mostly nonfiction, especially history books (African, American, African-American, Cold-War, different revolutions in history)
  • I’m trying to improve my cooking skills. I like using Pinterest to find recipe ideas.

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