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Visiting Artists and Scholars

The proximity of JMU to major East Coast cities has fostered a regular and varied schedule of visiting artists, scholars and designers on campus each semester. Invited art professionals represent a diverse range of viewpoints and practices that enrich the regular calendar of coursework and provide undergraduate and graduate students with a better understanding of what possible pathways exist for future successful careers in the visual arts. A listing of select recent visitors is provided below.

Encore Exhibition Series

The Encore Series is an annual program sponsored by the College of Visual & Performing Arts that seeks to enrich the cultural and intellectual life of the greater university community. The School of Art, Design and Art History participates through the exhibition and public lectures of major figures in contemporary art.

Past participants in the Encore Series have included: Robert Arneson, Seymour Chwast, Chuck Close, Lesley Dill, Milton Glaser, Red Grooms, Phil Meggs, Elizabeth Murray, Philip Pearlstein, Faith Ringgold, Leslie Saar, Raymond Saunders, Peter Saul, Miriam Schapiro, Sandy Skoglund, Alan Shields, Jerry Uelsmann, William T. Wiley, among others.

Dorothy Liskey Wampler Distinguished Professorship Of Art Series

Each academic year the endowed Dorothy Liskey Wampler Distinguished Art Professorship brings to campus a varied program of distinguished visiting artists, scholars, and critics.

Past Wampler Professors have traveled to JMU from around the world, and have included: Perry Bard, Dr. Terry Barrett, Carol Barton, Xu Bing, Dr. Suzanne Blier, Pamela Blotner, Dr. B. Stephen Carpenter II, Barbara Cooper, Arthur Danto, Dr. Leah Dickerman, Bob Ebendorf, John Foster, Suzi Gablik, Dr. W. Dwaine Greer, Dr. Fredrika Jacobs, Ivan Karp , Donald Kuspit, Rainer Goetz, Stefan Graupner, Eve Laramee, Anthony Lee, Susan Leopold, Lucy Lippard, Dr. Amy Lyford, Peter Plagens, Earl A. Powell III, J. Morgan Puett, Rosamond Purcell, Lawrence Rinder, Dr. Renee Sandell , Dr. Kirk Savage, Salvatore Scalora, Sam Shelton, Roy Sieber, Paul Vanouse, Bill Viola, Richard Wilson, James Wines, Amy Yoes, among others.