In addition to the general education and academic major requirements, students desiring PK-12 teaching licensure in art must complete 23 credits of additional course work in art education, education, and psychology, and 16 credits of student teaching. It is necessary to be admitted to the teacher education program prior to completing the first methods course in professional art education courses. For a complete description of admission and retention policies and procedures for teacher education, refer to the College of Education. Students seeking licensure are encouraged to consult regularly with the program coordinator of art education.

The undergraduate degree leading to licensure must include the following minimum requirements in art:

  • Nine credits must be earned in art history and art appreciation. 
  • Six credits must be earned in ceramics and crafts, with a minimum of one course in ceramics. 
  • Six credits must be earned in three-dimensional media.
  • Twelve credits must be earned in two-dimensional media. 
  • Twenty-seven studio credits, with a minimum of six credits in each of three separate studio areas.

Dr. Karin Tollefson-Hall, Art Education Coordinator


The following is a list of the required courses leading to PK-12 art licensure and a suggested sequence of when each may be taken.

Required Courses

ARED 300 Elementary Art Education Methods (fall, junior year) - (3 credits)                                            
ARED 302 Secondary Art Education Methods (spring, junior year) - (3 credits)                                           
ARED 304 Methods of Art Criticism (spring, sophomore year) - (3 credits)                                               
ARED 400 Visual Arts Across the Curriculum (spring, junior year) - (3 credits)     
ARED 490. Art Education Practicum (sections taken concurrently with ARED 300, ARED 302) - (3 credits)
ARED 480. Student Teaching (spring, senior year) - (16 credits)

Required Education and Psychology Courses

PSYC 160. Life Span Human Development 1 - (3 credits)
EDUC 300. Foundations of American Education - (3 credits)
READ 420. Content Area Literacy - (2 credits)

Credit Hour Total (37)                                                                                                          

PSYC 160 may double-count toward General Education Cluster Five.

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