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The Grace Street Gallery shows both student and professional art exhibitions. It is located in Duke Hall, just inside the Grace Street entrance.

Gallery hours are: M-F 7-9 | Sa 8-5| closed Sunday

Previous exhibitions
The Unbuilt Arboretum
Senior Exhibition
Senior Exhibition: Cusimano & Conrad
Martin Kastner


Wampler Fellow and IDSA conference keynote speaker Martin Kastner exhibited his work for the food industry in Grace Street Gallery in 2021.

Cass L Rinsler
Edwin Baruch

Edwin Baruch (Industrial Design, '13) created an exhibition in Duke Hall's Grace Street Gallery to coincide with The Grand Illumination, a public event to celebrate the return of public art to the Duke Lawn, including Baruch's Light Pavilion and Michio Ihara's Untitled.Edwin Baruch

Rising Seniors


Two Painters - Two Printmakers - Two Universities

This exhibit highlights the interconnectedness of four contemporary artists, two painters and two printmakers, and two universities. Their artistic influences cover a near five-decade connection between the studio art programs at the University of Texas at Austin and James Madison University. Both painters were undergraduate art majors taught by printmakers, who in turn were educated in the public university systems of Midwestern states.

Lee Chesney - American Printmaker. b. 1945. Associate Professor of Art - University of Texas at Austin (49 years)

Jack McCaslin - American Printmaker. b.1952. Professor of Art - James Madison University (45 years)

Dan Sutherland - American Painter. b. 1966. Associate Professor of Art - University of Texas at Austin (29 years)

Cole Welter -  American Painter. b. 1952. Professor of Art - James Madison University (25 years)


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