Arboretum Map
Arboretum Guidelines

The Arboretum is a tree & wildflower preserve.

Please help us in being good stewards of the Arboretum!

  • Please discard all trash and recyclables in the correct receptacles. Help us preserve this beautiful space!

  • Do not remove any natural or man-made materials from the Arboretum (flower picking, plant or wood removal)

  • No flames anywhere in the Arboretum, including grilling fires.

  • Extinguish cigarettes, discard cold butts in trash cans

  • Group sports on the lawn are prohibited.

  • Please do not feed the ducks. The Arboretum’s pond habitat can support only a small number of ducks. When they rely on food from the public, they overpopulate and deteriorate the pond’s health.

  • Leashed dogs are welcome! Please pick up after your dog. Courtesy bags are located at both of our welcome boards, please dispose of bag(s) in trash can.

  • People and dogs must stay out of the pond, streams, and water features. Our ponds and streams are for ducks, turtles, frogs, and fish.

  • Fishing is prohibited.

  • No bicycles allowed on chipped trails. Use of gravel road between Neff Ave and University Blvd is allowed for student access to campus.

  • Professional photographers must register in advance for photo sessions. See our photography policy at

  • If you witness an incident that needs rescue or law enforcement, please call:



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