September-October Exhibition

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum Welcomes 

JanetLee Wright and Mia Ackerson

Artist Statement by JanetLee Wright




Spreading colors on a surface is more than satisfying, it's fun. And, sometimes, also surprising to see the interest and emotions paintings can evoke. I'm drawn to beautiful images because that's where I prefer to spend my time, with beauty, since I have the choice. Watercolor and acrylic used like watercolor, are my favorite media because they are so flexible; they can catch a sense of motion, of spontaniety and the emphemeral, and even depth and intensity. With the shapes and colors I choose, I hope to share my feelings of awe and gratitude for the beauty around me. 


JanetLee Wright lives and paints in a log house on a wooded ridge top near Harrisonburg, VA. 

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Artist Bio by Mia Ackerson

Blue Jay




With no formal education in art, I am self-challenged and taught. I have been making art all my life although I did not recognize it as such. I was a cosmetologist and educator for over 40 years, including tiny paintings on fingernails which was the nail art of the 80s. I am very grateful to be growing as an artist since joining the Shenandoah Valley Watercolor Society (SVWS). I have always loved animals and nature and spending time outside. I lived 42 years in Florida before moving to the beautiful Shenandoah Valley

After a long limiting illness and using Zentangle and doodling for natural pain management, I later realized it was the equivalent of drawing practice. This led to my recent discovery that I have an aptitude for painting.  My education on the law of color using the color wheel as it applied to hair color, made my first attempts with watercolor come naturally. The science of color and light has always excited and interested me. 

As part of my thriving joy and wellness journey, I now paint with watercolors and have taken up welding/blacksmith and metal working.

I now spend much of my time working on a horse farm. I am also working on a children’s bird book. My desire to do all the illustrations resulted in many bird paintings. Being in nature and bringing nature into my home and onto my walls, gives me calmness and peace. I am reminded to play and find joy every day and makes me happy to share my art with others. In the upcoming months my art will be available at Oasis Fine Art & Craft in Harrisonburg, Virginia.


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