November-December Exhibition

Edith J. Carrier Arboretum Welcomes 

Sandra Parks

Artist Statement

County Line 

 County Line


Cupp with Naked Ladies

Cupp with Naked Ladies 


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There is beauty in each and every day. 

A number of years ago I set out on a Project 365, in which one does something every day for a year. My challenge for myself was to highlight one thing I found beautiful or interesting each day. Throughout that process, I learned that yes, there is indeed beauty in every day, even in the ones that look bleak. Sometimes the beauty is found in my own backyard, sometimes it’s found on a walk or a bike ride or an adventure. It is also true that if you do something every day, your skills improve. That was the start of my journey as an artist. 

This exhibit, “The Road Ahead” highlights my belief in the importance of looking ahead. As a cyclist, this is also a practical matter as well, but also for emotional health. We have all experienced some level of tragedy or trauma, and my way of coping is to look ahead, literally and figuratively. “The “Road Ahead” highlights some of my favorite Shenandoah Valley roads and trails. We live in a place of incredible beauty circled by the Blue Ridge and the Allegheny Mountains and Mole Hill and farms and forests. I ride some of these roads very often, and find that on each day the road can be very different. There is also joy in familiarity. How the light changes, clouds, flowers on the roadside, trees changing in fall, a buggy passing at just the right moment — these are all moments of beauty to savor. 

Friends have commented that my photos have caused them to pause to appreciate a moment of beauty, or to figure out which road I may have ridden that day to capture that view, or to revisit a familiar and loved place. If I can bring a moment of joy to even one person in a day, it’s a good day. I hope these photographs capturing some of the roads I’ve traveled bring viewers of “The Road Ahead” joy as well.

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