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Bob Bersson

Multidisciplinary works

May - June | Valentina DiMilo

8 AM - 4 PM (M - F) | Frances Plecker Education Center


Artist Statement

Valentina DiMilo is an artist who divides her passion for art between working in oil, pastel, and watercolor.  Each of these techniques allow her to express herself in unique ways.  

Valentina grew up in St. Petersburg, Russia where both Russian and European art have a significant and deep influence on her.  Living in St. Petersburg made it possible to be involved in art through the great museums such as the Hermitage and the Russian State Museum.                  

In 1979, she graduated from the Art College in St. Petersburg, Russia and began working as a decorator studying at the St. Petersburg’s Art Institute for Graphic Design.  After graduating in 1988, she worked as a graphic designer in typography. 

Then, big changes came to Russia.  Communism fell and many people lost their jobs and needed to find their way in a new Russia; Valentina was no different.  In 1992, Valentina opened her own small firm producing backpacks and sports bags using her own designs.  She successfully operated her business for 10 years. Then, something new came into her personal life; she met her future husband and moved to the United States in 2003.


Valentina currently resides in Linden, Virginia where she works as an artist in oil, pastel and watercolor, expressing herself mostly using landscapes and portraits. She enjoys travelling both locally and around the world with her easel and puts whatever charming atmospheres she observes onto canvas or paper. Her collection of paintings and sketches include the Shenandoah Valley, the Western United States, and even further into Europe and New Zealand. 

For over a decade, she has attended Robert Liberace’s class in Portrait and Figure at the Art League School in Alexandria, VA. Learning specialized techniques from these classes has allowed her to expand her skills and her portraits now allow the observer to "feel" the persons soul. 

As an artist, Valentina is able to express her feelings about the beauty of nature, the variety of people, and the world around her.



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