30th Year

Visiting the Arboretum

The Edith J. Carrier Arboretum, a woodland sanctuary on the James Madison University campus, is a public urban garden and forested greenspace that preserves native plant species, provides opportunities for research, and promotes knowledge of the botanical and natural world for people of all ages.

Our Vision

To inspire outdoor engagement in a woodland sanctuary.

Litten Lecture
Celia Culver Rutt

Current Art Exhibition (Jan 3 - Feb 27)

Erica Lohan

This series, entitled Plant Cellular Patterns, is an extension of artist Erica Lohan’s ongoing study of the patterns inherent in natural life forms.  She examines, arranges, and records the spectacular forms that emerge under a microscope, the optical detail of which easily meshes into abstract patterns.

Her exploration on the subject began years ago during a Biology for Gardeners course. Since then, she has continued her research at Open Labs in Charlottesville, VA utilizing electron microscope photos to provide even more nuance. Enamored with the square format, Erica’s work is created on clayboard panels using graphite and acrylic washes.

“I hope that in some way recording in detail the beauty and diversity of nature will inspire a sense of gratitude and a need for protection in those who view this work.”

Frances Plecker Education Center | Exhibition available to view M - F, 8am - 4pm

Photo Contest Winner
Congratulations to our January Photo Contest winner, Morgan Treon! 
To submit to our monthly photo contest, message us on Facebook with your entries.
Photos must be high resolution and taken within the current month, up to 3 submissions



Best of the Valley
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