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James Madison University requires all new employees to complete sexual misconduct prevention and awareness training. The university does this to assure all employees:

  • Understand the range of behaviors prohibited by University Policy 1340, 1324, Title IX, and other applicable local, state, and federal policies and laws, so that everyone on our campus can play a role in preventing harm from occurring. 

  • Understand and can carry out their responsibility to report incidents of sexual misconduct to Title IX.

  • Are familiar with the resources that exist on campus and in the community for students, faculty, and staff and are aware of the procedures for making a report and/or filing a formal complaint with the university, law enforcement, or as applicable other agencies.

In order to complete this training, you are required to:

1. Watch one of these brief videos (choose based on your status as an employee)

Instructional and Adjuct Faculty, Graduate or Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

A&P Faculty, Classified, Wage employee

Undergraduate student employee or Graduate Assistant (non-teaching)

2. Print and complete the assessment, sign it and turn it in to your supervisor for their signature.

3. Mail or email the fully signed and completed assessment to Taylor Morris, Title IX, MSC 7806 or so that your successful completion of the training can be recorded and confirmed.


Questions or difficulty accessing the videos or quiz, contact Taylor Morris at (540) 568-5219 or

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