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These are the materials from trainings Title IX personnel including coordinators, officers, investigators, decision makers, and those involved in facilitating alternative or informal resolution processes, have completed as required by Title IX.

2021 Title IX and Sexual Harassment Training

2021 Facilitating Hearings with Confidence

2021 Title IX Investigations Involving Student Athletes

2021 ATIXA Title IX Hearing Chair Training

2021 Applying the July 2021 Q&A Guidance to Your Work: A Conversation with Title IX Professionals

2021 The Four Corners of Title IX Regulatory Compliance

Training Log

2020 NASPA Title IX Training Slides for Title IX Coordinators/Investigators

2020 NASPA Title IX Training Slides for Title IX Decision Makers and Student Conduct Administrators

2020 The 5 Stages of Preparing Your Investigative Report

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