The minor is a part of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, a program within the College of Science and Mathematics.

The Statistics Minor program is an interactive and applied educational experience for students from diverse academic backgrounds. It is meticulously crafted to equip students with the skills essential for the job market. This program prioritizes practical knowledge and real-world applications, empowering students with the capacity to effectively analyze data and make informed decisions. By integrating theory with hands-on experience using cutting-edge statistical software, students develop strong problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. This comprehensive training not only enhances students' statistical literacy but also complements their primary areas of study, ensuring they are prepared for both academic and professional challenges, including graduate school and careers in the workforce.

Students seeking the minor in statistics must complete one of three options. The first and second options are not open to students majoring in mathematics, while the third option is only open to students majoring in mathematics. 

The requirement for a minor in statistics is 18-20 credit hours.

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