The minor is part of the College of Business

The entrepreneurship minor is designed to introduce students from any discipline to the knowledge, skills and mindset necessary for successful new venture creation. The minor is open to students in any major except management, which offers a track in innovation and entrepreneurship.  

Students who successfully complete the entrepreneurship minor will develop the knowledge base and skills needed for new venture creation and management. They will be able to:

  • Understand entrepreneurship as a possible career path, its role in economic growth and opportunity, and its associated social benefits.
  • Recognize/identify entrepreneurial opportunities that fit the individual student. Includes self-analysis in the context of possible entrepreneurial activities and demonstration of the ability to identify and analyze the attractiveness of potential markets.
  • Develop a business model and create a business plan. This includes completing a clear and concise written plan that serves as a blueprint for creation of the proposed venture.
  • Apply relevant financial and business principles to assess the need for start-up capital, conduct break even analysis and identify cash flow needed for future growth.
  • Identify and evaluate various sources of funding.
  • Articulate an effective pitch to gain support from investors, suppliers, customers or potential employees.
  • Interact and collaborate with various stakeholders to develop and evaluate ideas, and grow those ideas to fruition.

The minimum requirement for a minor in entrepreneurship is 18 credit hours.


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