JMU Major: Interior Architecture

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Description of the Major

Interior Architecture is a major offered by the School of Art, Design and Art History, within the College of Visual and Performing Arts. As part of the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (B.F.A.) Interior Architecture educates leaders in the profession of interior architecture and offers an intensive education in the architecture process. The curriculum instills purpose, craft, technological competence and versatile thinking.

For further information, visit the School of Art, Design and Art History website.

Degrees Offered






Declaring the Major

New Freshmen and Transfer Students
Entering Freshmen
A portfolio review is not required, but highly recommended, for prospective freshmen. The school hosts on-campus Portfolio Review Days in November and January. Faculty members also attend National Portfolio Review Days held off-campus (locations determined each fall).

Incoming freshmen should declare interior architecture as their major when registering for orientation; however, students must apply for full admission into the major once all lower-division prerequisite studio art courses are completed. See section below on "Admission to the Major."

Entering Transfer Students and Currently Enrolled Major Changers
Prospective transfer students and students who are currently enrolled in JMU under another major and wish to declare an Interior Architecture major must submit a portfolio for review to the transfer/change of major portfolio review committee and be admitted into the studio art major.

Transfer and change of major portfolios will be reviewed once each fall and spring semester. Transfer and change of major students who are not recommended for admission to the studio art major may reapply the following semester. Portfolio reviews for transfer and change of major students are held prior to advanced registration.

Currently Enrolled Major Changers

Other Declaring Information
Admission to the Major
Admission to the Interior Architecture major is selective and competitive for a limited number of seats. Completion of all admission requirements does not guarantee admission to the major. Admission to Interior Architecture is based upon completion of all prerequisite art courses and individual merit as determined by a faculty review of your art portfolio submitted in satisfaction of the course IARC 208, Portfolio Review.

To apply, you must be a declared Interior Design or Studio Art major and have completed all lower-division (100 and 200 level) prerequisite studio art courses including the following:

  • ART 102. Two-Dimensional Design

  • ART 104. Drawing I

  • ART 106. Three-Dimensional Design

  • ART 205. Foundations Seminar

  • GARTH 205. Survey of World Art I: Prehistoric to Renaissance

  • GARTH 206. Survey of World Art II: Renaissance to Modern

  • One 3-D Studio Art course (ART 220, ART 222, ART 230, ART 240, or ART 280)

  • IARC 200. Interior Architecture Studio I

  • IARC 202. Interior Architecture Studio II
You must be enrolled in IARC 208, Portfolio Review, during the semester in which you are enrolled in IARC 202.

Portfolios developed as part of IARC 208, are reviewed during the spring semester (February) prior to pre-registration. Students should contact area coordinator of Interior Architecture, Professor Ronn Daniel,, (540) 568-5850, to determine the exact time and location for each semester's IARC 208 portfolio review.

Students not accepted to the Interior Architecture major will have one opportunity to reapply in the following semester or may choose to continue as a studio art major.

Progressing in the Major