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Now Hiring for the 2024-2025 School Year

Interested in being part of the 2024-2025 Bluestone Yearbook team? Apply today and join a collaborative team that thrives on creativity and passion. We're currently hiring for all staff positions: writers, photographers, and designers. Hope to see your application soon! 

The application can be found here:

Staff member Application

Positions Available

Every year The Bluestone hires a team of talented JMU students to make this publication a reality. This team is made up of an editorial board and staff members, all of whom get paid for their work. Currently, an Editor-in-Chief, a design editor, a photography editor, a copy editor, and a staff manager complete the editorial board. Positions are first offered to current editorial board members, then to staff members, and then to the public. 

Staff memebers are expected to turn in around three to five stories each deadline with three to four deadlines spread out between September and March. Staff are paid roughly $14 a story. There are four required deadline meetings offered in person and on ZOOM. Stories can be suggested to the editorial board, or requested from a list of stories given out at each deadline meeting.

We usually hold an interest meeting in early September following fall Student Org Night or in early march following spring Student Org Night for students to learn more specifics about each position and the yearbook as a whole. 

Editorial Board:

The current 2024-2025 editorial board is full, but please consider applying for the next academic year by contacting the Editor-in-chief

Staff Writers, Designers, and Photographers: 

We are currently accepting applications to work on the 2025 book. Please use the link above to submit your application. 

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How do I apply?

Joining the Editorial Board


The Bluestone hires the editorial board each spring semester for the following academic year. Applicants for the editorial board can expect to provide a resume, portfolio, cover letter, and potentially an interview. Exact hiring procedures can be subject to change based on need as determined by the Editor-in-Chief. If you are interested in learning more about our editorial board, and applying for the following academic year, please email

Joining the staff as a writer, photographer, or designer

The Bluestone hires the majority of staff members early each fall semester, and staff members commit to their position for that full academic year. We have recently changed our hiring process to have rolling admission, so any student may apply throughout the year. However, after the second deadline you may only apply for the following academic year. 


Joining in the spring semester is both less competitive and allows you to start working earlier, either right off the bat in the fall semester or in the late spring or summertime. We recommend applying in the spring.

The application requires a resume and relevant portfolio pieces. The link is listed below. If you are interested in learning more about our staff, or have any questions regarding our hiring process, please email

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