Before contracts are executed, the Office of University Counsel performs a review for legal sufficiency. Some contracts reviewed prior to execution are:

  • Contracts for purchases of goods and services.
  • Personal service contracts.
  • Affiliation and sponsored research agreements.
  • Agreements with other institutions of higher education.
  • Agreements with other governmental entities.
  • Leases and purchases of real or personal property owned by the University or others.
  • Any contract drafted, in whole or in part, by someone other than University Counsel or an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Documents that deviate from a standard format already approved by University Counsel.
  • Other general contracts, memoranda of understanding or agreement, and similar documents.

After contract review, the Office of University Counsel will indicate if the contract has been approved as to form and will return it or route it to signatories. If the contract is not approved as to form, counsel will recommend changes to make it legally sufficient. Certain terms and conditions are not negotiable and are required for State agencies or constitute ones to which a state agency cannot agree. A contract which has not been reviewed and approved is not considered binding on the University and the signatory may be personally liable for its contents and obligations.

View JMU policy on signature authority on contracts

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