UDAP stands for Utility Deposit Assistance Program.  It assists with connection of utilities to off-campus houses or apartments that do not include utilities as amenities paid for in monthly rent.  A UDAP contract, when purchased, eliminates deposit fees for connecting water, gas, and electricity in off campus housing up to a certain limit.. 

These limits are as follows:

Gas: Up to $500

Electric: Up to $350 with Harrisonburg Electric Commission; Up to $600 with the Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative

Water: Up to $350

Note: Cable and Internet are not included in the utilities supported by UDAP.

Any full-time, degree-seeking JMU student who is currently active and

  • Has no financial holds on their JMU account
  • Lives off campus
  • Has a JMU email account
A UDAP contract cost $40 and must be purchased yearly.

UDAP contracts go on sale April 1 for the next academic school year and can be purchased at any time through MyMadison. Contract terms end on July 31 of the end of the academic year for when the contract was purchased. For example, contracts for the 2022-2023 school year go on sale April 1, 2022. These contracts, when purchased any time between April 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023, will expire on July 31, 2023.

The UDAP contract is good for one year and does not automatically renew.  It will expire on July 31st of each year.  If a student would like to continue their UDAP contract, they must purchase another one and contact utility companies with their new contract number prior to the July 31st expiration date.

UDAP contracts are purchased online through the Student Center in MyMadison.  To purchase a contract, follow the steps below:

  • Log into MyMadison
  • Click on the "Student" Tab
  • Click on "Student Center"
  • Here you will see Academics, Finances, Personal Information, and On-Campus Housing sections
  • Under the Finances section, click on the drop down arrow next to the box with "other financial" inside
  • Click on "UDAP Contract Purchase"
  • Make sure to enter the address you will be moving to (where you will be connecting utilities) under the "Service Address" section
  • Also, under the Finances section, you can click "View UDAP contract" to view the completed contract

Once you have completed and submitted your contract, you'll be able to view and print it, and see a 5-digit contract number you'll need for connecting your utilities. 

After purchasing a UDAP contract, you are responsible for connecting and disconnecting all your utilities and paying all utility bills.  

To connect your utilities, you will need to provide your 5-digit UDAP contract number to your utility companies.  The contract number is found at the top of your completed UDAP contract.

If you go away for the summer, you are still responsible for any charges as long as the utility connections are in your name.

If you sublease your apartment, disconnect all utilities in your name.  The person subleasing the apartment should put utilites in his or her own name, and can purchase his or her own UDAP contract to help with connection.

Yes!  UDAP has no authority to connect or disconnect your utilites.  When you move out, be sure to call your utility companies and disconnect services in your name. You may also want to consult your lease agreement for any specific policies your landlord has about disconnecting utilities. 

At the end of the UDAP contract or when a student is leaving their apartment for the summer or moving away, students MUST disconnect their utilities, or they must be connected under another student's name.  Do not leave utilities in your name if you are not residing in the residence, as you are legally responsible for that utility bill as long as it is in your name--whether you are there or not.

If you are needing to connect utilities at the address where you are moving, you will need to purchase a new UDAP contract.  However, because the UDAP contract is good for one year, JMU will waive the $40 charge for this new contract so long as you are still within your original contract time frame.

If you need utilities at your new address, you can begin the process of purchasing a new contract by first calling Off-Campus Life and providing them with the following information:

  • Name
  • JACard Number
  • UDAP Contract Number
  • Current Address
  • New Address

This will get the process started so that you can purchase a new contract.

You'll also want to be sure to disconnect utilities from your name at your old address and connect utilities at your new address using your new UDAP contract number. 

No, please call your utility company prior to purchasing a UDAP contract to verify you will need one.  Depending on your situation you may not need a UDAP, and the purchase of a UDAP contract is non-refundable.

You only need a UDAP contract if utilities are not included in your rent and if you will be charged a large connection fee to access utilities at your off-campus housing.

There is no summer specific UDAP contract that can be purchased, but UDAP contracts for a new academic year can be purchased beginning in April. If you need a contract for the summer after graduating and no longer being classified as a JMU student, you should purchase a new UDAP contract for $40 on or after April 1st but prior to graduation. This will allow you to utilize the contract through July 31st of that summer.
Once a UDAP contract is purchased, it is non-refundable. Our UDAP contract outlines the need for only one contract per apartment or household, and we encourage you to discuss with your roommates who will be responsible for utilities prior to anyone purchasing a contract.
A UDAP contract is non-refundable.

Roommates are able to share responsibility for utilities, even if just one roommate purchases the UDAP contract.  Though the individual who purchases the UDAP contract must put all utilities in their name, roommates can still come to an agreement to each pay their equal portion of the utilities, providing this money monthly to the roommate whose name is on the utility bills.

Roommates can also share utility responsibilities by each roommate having a specific utility put in their name.  If you are putting electricity in one roommate's name and water in another, each roommate must buy their own UDAP contract. 

If, for some reason, the roommate who currently has a utility or utilities in his or her name can no longer take responsibility for these utilites, another roommate will have to take over these responsibilities.  This roommate would need to purchase his or her own UDAP contract and go through the process of connecting utilities.  If this is the case, make sure your roommate disconnected the utilities from their name first.

The most likely reasons for this problem are a financial hold on your account, not being classified as a full-time, degree-seeking, active student, or already having a UDAP contract.  Please contact Off-Campus Life with questions or to describe the problem.

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