School of Theatre and Dance Statement of Inclusive Excellence

The School of Theatre and Dance at James Madison University believes that equity, access and inclusion are moral imperatives and artistic obligations.  Variety—in the stories we represent, the students we serve, and the audiences we engage—is vital for the health and relevance of contemporary performing arts practice. The School of Theatre and Dance, therefore, welcomes variety of perspective, race, ethnicity, religion, socio-economic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and ability.

Anti-Racism Resources and Materials

This list is curated by the JMU School of Theatre and Dance. While not an exhaustive list, it aims to provide resources to STAD students, faculty, staff, alumni, and our larger community. Suggestions for additional resources can be submitted here for review. 

Black Lives Matter
Anti-Racism in the Performing Arts
Anti-Racism in the Classroom
Whiteness Studies

*While White Fragility appears on many booklists, after careful consideration STAD decided to remove this foundational text in light of recent articles surrounding its use in relation to Black Lives Matter. Please read more about this choice by looking at: 


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