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Students are invited to participate in K-12 STEM Outreach through STEM Corps

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Who are we? STEM Corps is a student-run organization welcoming students from all majors who have an interest in making quality STEM education equitable so all students in our surrounding community have the opportunities needed for developing their STEM-literacy and to be successful in the rapidly growing sector of STEM careers. There is no membership cost or any other fees associated with STEM Corps.

Contribute in a way that fits your schedule and aligns with your discipline and age-group interests. STEM Corps members participate in a variety of programs including working with our STEM faculty to help facilitate STEM field trips for visiting middle and high school groups, designing and facilitating activities for STEM days hosted by local elementary and middle schools, and providing weekly STEM programming for the Harrisonburg Boys and Girls Club. Members sign up for opportunities on a shared spreadsheet where information about the activity, audience, location, and timing is provided. We do not hold regular meetings, however, we regularly communicate via email and Group Me. Members quickly get to know each other and build community once they start working together in our various programs.   

Leadership: STEM Corps is student-led with mentorship from Dr. Cresawn. Below are our STEM leadership interns for Fall 22-Spring 23.

Leadership Team 2022-2023

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