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Secondary STEM Experiences for Students with Visual Impairments

Program Offerings for Grades 7-12, Spring 2024

AM: 9-11 AM with some flexibility for a 9:15 AM start, depending on the experience, for schools who are unable to arrive by 9:00.

PM: 11:30 AM -1:30 PM

Schedule of concurrent offerings for groups of 26-50

  1. Diagnose and Design. Focus discipline: Biology, Integrated Applications: Medical Sciences. Mon. PM and Fri AM. 

  2. Investigating Cell Movement through Scientific InquiryFocus discipline: Biology, Integrated Practices: The Nature of ScienceMon. AM & PM; Wed. AM and PM.

  3. Cut by Numbers: Mathematics and Programmable Fabrication. Focus discipline: Computer Science, Integrated discipline: Mathematics. Mon. AM & PM; Wed. AM; Fri. AM & PM. Not available Feb. 19th (M) or 21st (W).

  4. Engineering Design Process and Principles. Focus discipline: Engineering, Integrated disciplines: Mathematics, Physics, and ChemistryMon. AM and Wed. AM.

  5. Analyzing Changing Landscapes with Remote Sensing Focus discipline: Geographic Science, Integrated disciplines: Earth Science and Environmental ScienceMon. AM, Wed. AM,  Fri. AM & PM. 

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