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  • All tutoring is done cafe-style.
  • General and Organic Chemistry help

Welcome to the Science and Math Learning Center, located in the Student Success Center, 1st floor, SSC 1100. We assist students in understanding course content, homework assignments and lab reports found in first and second year physics, chemistry, math, and statistics courses. No appointments are necessary and the services are free!

The SMLC will close for the semester at 9pm on Wednesday, December 9th!  We will NOT be open during finals week.  Thank you to all of our students who use the SMLC services and good luck on finals!

Fall 2020 Announcement

The Science and Math Learning Center is open beginning Wed 9/2/20 for assistance in chemistry, math, physics, and statistics. All tutoring will be virtual. 

The SMLC offers 2 options for tutoring: meet with a tutor online (synchronous) and asynchronous (submit a question and tutor will send a response within 1-2 business days). 

Synchronous option: You can consult with a tutor online through Webex.

  • Navigate to the "Tutoring Schedules" section on the menu
  • Click the subject you need help with
  • Log in with your JMU e-id and password
  • You will see the tutoring schedules and tutors listed who are available at those times. 
  • Click on a tutor at the appropriate day/time and you will enter their personal Webex room. 
  • Ask the tutor your questions. Note, you may see other students in the Webex room as well who are also seeking support.  
  • For tips on how to have a successful synchronous tutoring experience, see the SMLC Etiquette Policy.

Asynchronous option: You can submit questions through a Google form and a tutor from our team will send you a response within 1-2 business days explaining the content and working through similar examples to help you. 

When you submit your question, you will also attach an image of the work you have attempted, so you'll need to upload an image through a google account. The SMLC wants to support your learning and will need to see what work you've attempted so they can best figure out how to help you. 

Submit your question through this google form: https://forms.gle/nxLmSpBnMp2Y7WoN7


Supported Courses At The SMLC*

  • MATH 105
  • MATH 220
  • COB 191
  • ISAT 251

View our Statistics tutor schedule

  • MATH 103
  • MATH 155-156
  • MATH 199
  • MATH 205
  • MATH 231-232
  • MATH 233-234
  • MATH 235-236
  • MATH 237
  • ISAT 150
  • ISAT 151

View our Math tutor schedule

  • CHEM 120
  • CHEM 131 & 131L
  • CHEM 132 & 132L
  • CHEM 241 & 241L
  • CHEM 242 & 242L

View our Chemistry tutor schedule

  • PHYS 140 & 140L
  • PHYS 150 & 150L
  • PHYS 240 & 240L
  • PHYS 250 & 250L

View our Physics tutor schedule

*If you don't see the course you're looking for in this list, contact your professor for other resources. Additionally, you could see if your class is supported by Peer Assisted Study Sessions.

The SMLC is always looking for outstanding students to hire during the academic year! Check out our How To Become an SMLC Tutor page for more details!

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