All tutoring at the SMLC is done "cafe-style"1. Here's how that works:


Sign in at a computer when you arrive

Sit and Work

Sit at the appropriate table2 and work on your assignments3

Picture of the student raising their hand to notify the tutors of their need for assistance

Raise your hand when you run in to problems

Picture of a tutor helping the student understand how to work through their problems

A tutor will come to assist you4

Picture of the student continuing to work on an assignment

Continue working on your assignments

Picture of a student checking out at a computer when they're ready to leave

Sign out at a computer when you're done

1 There are no opportunities for free private tutoring in the SMLC. For private tutoring, students should contact their professor or academic department to inquire about potential private for-hire tutors or to learn about other tutoring resources.

2 For example: students needing help with Math 155 will sit at the tables labeled "Math".

3 You should bring practice problems, homework, lab reports, etc. to work on as our tutors cannot help with take-home quizzes, tests, or projects.

4 Tutors will not work your problems for you. They will assist you in becoming an independent learner.

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