James Madison University

About the Collaborative

  • Mission: The mission of the JMU-RMH Collaborative is to create a climate that fosters innovation together.
  • History: The Collaborative was launched on January 26, 2007 providing a framework to foster innovation between Rockingham Memorial Hospital and James Madison University and to facilitate ideas for collaborative projects.

Collaborative Steering Team

The Collaboration Steering Team consists of 4 appointed members of the JMU community and 4 appointed members of the RMH community for a total of 8 members, including a facilitator and a facilitator-elect. The facilitator sends reminders of meetings and sets meeting agendas. The facilitator-elect leads when the facilitator is absent and succeeds the current facilitator. The roles of facilitator and facilitator-elect will alternate between RMH and JMU representatives on an annual basis, with terms running from January through December.

Collaboration Steering Team Goals

  • Review collaboration ideas
  • Disseminate information
  • Facilitate collaboration
  • Track outcomes

Collaborative Steering Team Members

  • Sharon Lovell, Dean, College of Health and Behavioral Studies (JMU)
  • Marsha Mays-Bernard, Associate Vice President for Multicultural Awareness and Student Health (JMU)
  • Ben Delp, Director of Research Development and Promotion (JMU)
  • Emily Akerson, Coordinator of Clinical and Interprofessional Initiatives, Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services (JMU)
  • Ron Cottrell, Vice President of Business Development, Blue Ridge Region, Sentara Healthcare (Sentara)
  • Phil Hackett, Executive Director, Sentara RMH Medical Group (Sentara)
  • Shawn Craddock, Director,  Perioperative Services, Sentara RMH (Sentara)
  • Becky Nicely, Director, Radiology Services, Sentara RMH (Sentara)
  • Debra Thompson, Director, Volunteer Services, Sentara RMH (Sentara)

Contact Us

For questions about the collaborative contact Emily Akerson.

Collaborative Report

The JMU‐RMH Collaborative 2007‐2012 Five Years of Fostering Innovation Together