I would like to investigate the effects of varying the tempering temperatures of A2 steel while using a consistent preheating and austenization time and temperature. The preheat temperature will be 790 degrees C and the sample will be preheated for an hour. The austenitizing temperature will be 955 degrees C and the sample will be austenitized for thirty minutes. The sample will then be double tempered within the tempering temperatures for A2, 175 degrees C-540 degrees C as suggested in the ASM handbook. I will test 6 samples at 5 different tempering temperatures (30 samples total). I will investigate the lower side of this range starting at 200 degrees C and continue with increments of 50 degrees C, up to 400 degrees C. After tempering I will mechanically test the samples by a stress test, and a hardness test, to see how the mechanical properties are affected by the varying tempering temperatures. I will also observe the microstructures of the samples to see how they change at the different tempering temperatures.

Additional Abstract Information

Student(s): Madison Anderson

Department: Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Prins

Type: Oral

Year: 2018

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