When submitting a coursepack request, please fill out the Coursepack Request form completely. If your coursepack contains copyrighted material of any kind (graphs, photos, text, etc.) be sure to include the Copyright Permission Request Forms or a complete bibliography, including page numbers, ISSN/ISBN and publisher.

Unless otherwise requested, we should have master copies of any coursepack produced for the current and previous year. If you need to review your master copy, or you wish to reuse any of these coursepacks, please let us know. We encourage you to review the master copy carefully to ensure all material is included. If you wish to reuse a coursepack you still must abide by the appropriate deadline so they will be available on the first day of classes.

Copyright permissions must be obtained each semester, regardless of previous use or permissions granted. All coursepacks must be requested via the Coursepack Request Form, and signed by the requesting instructor. We will not automatically produce any coursepack.

Coursepacks are sold in the JMU Bookstore where other textbooks are displayed.

Additonal Course Pack information Can be found here


  • Spring Semester - November 7
  • Summer Semester - March 15
  • Fall Semester - June 30 

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