The articulation agreement between Saint Francis University and James Madison University for matriculation of students into the Saint Francis University Doctor of Physical Therapy Program (4 + 3) is as follows. We do hereby agree to the following considerations concerning students at James Madison University who wish to enroll at Saint Francis University (SFU) for the purpose of matriculation into the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.

  1. The undergraduate degree will be awarded by James Madison University.
  2. The DPT degree will be awarded by SFU.
  3. Each student at James Madison University who declares intent to complete the DPT program at SFU shall be co-advised by assigned members of the faculty from James Madison University and from SFU during his or her time at James Madison University.
  4. Up to three (3) James Madison University students will be guaranteed acceptance into the SFU DPT program annually as long as they have met the criteria listed below.
  5. In order to be considered for guaranteed acceptance to SFU, students must meet the requirements listed on PTCAS (including prerequisite courses, observation hours, essays, etc.) as well as the following specialized requirements.
    • A completed application must be submitted thru PTCAS by October 15 of a student’s senior year at James Madison University.
    • Students must have a minimum overall GPA of 3.200 and an earned bachelor’s degree.
    • Students must have a minimum GPA of 3.200 for the prerequisite courses as listed on PTCAS.
    • Students must maintain a record of good citizenship as demonstrated by a strong letter of recommendation from the director of the James Madison University Science department.
    • Students must submit a letter of intent to enter the SFU DPT program by the end of the spring semester of the student’s junior year. The letter should be addressed to the Chair of the Department of Physical Therapy at SFU and should contain an official transcript and initial letter of endorsement from the director of the James Madison University Science Department.
  6. Any exceptions must have the advance approval of both institutions. Reasonable advance notice and acceptable exceptions will be determined by SFU.
  7. Students whose credentials do not meet the requirements that assure them automatic admission to the DPT program may still apply. They will be considered in relation to other qualified candidates in the general applicant pool.

Prerequisite Courses Identified

Saint Francis University
Course Requirements
James Madison University 
4 credits, General Biology with lab BIO 114
8 credits, Anatomy & Physiology with labs BIO 270, BIO 290
8 credits, Chemistry with labs CHEM 131, 131L
CHEM 132, 132L
8 credits, Physics with labs PHYS 140, 140L
PHYS 150, 150L
4 credits, Exercise Physiology KIN 302, 302L
3 credits, Pre-Calc Mathematics Suggested: MATH 205, 231, or 235
3 credits, Statistics MATH 220
9 credits, Psychology Suggested: PSYC 101, 160 and 250

Visit Saint Francis University for more information on the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Degree . For further questions regarding this agreement, please contact Janet Long, Coordinator of Graduate Physical Therapy Admissions, at or (814) 472-2764.

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