This articulation agreement between Shenandoah University's Physical Therapy program and James Madison University is designed for applicants who have completed the pre-requisites and will be obtaining a baccalaureate degree from James Madison University. This agreement is available to all students enrolled full-time at James Madison University for undergraduate study.

Admission Requirements

For admission and entry into the DPT Program through this articulation agreement, candidates must submit an application available through the PT Centralized Application Service. All requirements listed on the PTCAS website for Shenandoah University (including courses, grades, volunteer hours, references*, GRE scores) must be met. The application deadline is published on the program specific page in PTCAS.
*It is expected that one of the letters of reference in the application packet will be from an academic professor at James Madison University.

Priority status will be offered to those who meet the following criteria:

  • A Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree with all pre-requisites completed at JMU.  A grade of “D” in any prerequisite course is not acceptable.
  • A minimum grade-point average of 3.2 (in a 4.0 system) for all prerequisite courses.
  • Acceptable Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores.
  • Students for whom English is not their first language must have acceptable scores on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Scores should be reported directly to Shenandoah University, school code R5613.
  • A score of acceptable or above in a personal interview with an SU Division of Physical Therapy faculty member and current student.

Admissions Process

Up to a total of four students/graduates per year from James Madison University, who meet the criteria for admission through the Articulation Agreement will be granted priority status for admission to the Division of Physical Therapy at Shenandoah University. As with all other applicants, priority applicants must have an on-site interview prior to admission and receive an interview score of acceptable or above.

If more than 4 students meet the application deadline and qualify for priority status, Shenandoah University’s Division of Physical Therapy will rank-order all priority applicants based on consideration of the full set of application materials and the evaluations from the admissions interview. The additional students will enter the regular applicant pool.

All decisions for Admission into the Doctorate in Physical Therapy program are made by the Admissions Committee for the Division of Physical Therapy. Final decisions for all applicants are based on consideration of the full set of application materials and the evaluations from the admissions interview. Applicants who have been interviewed will be notified in writing of the Admissions Committee decision within 30 days of their visit.

Students can be given provisional acceptance indicating that some of the admissions requirements need to be completed prior to matriculation into the program.  Provisional acceptances are generally offered to those students completing final prerequisite courses prior to program entry. These students receive a letter from the Division as well as from the Admissions Office that describes/outlines which courses, materials, or other requirements (e.g.  – desired level of competency for remaining pre-requisites) that need to be completed.

Nothing in this agreement is intended to negate the usual process of student evaluation or supersede final decisions on admissions. After successful completion of the curriculum in the Division of Physical Therapy, Shenandoah University awards a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

This agreement is intended to be a long-term arrangement. Each party may continue or discontinue this agreement on a yearly basis with notice.

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