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Applying to health professions schools requires strong time management, attention to detail, and focus. The Pre-Professional Health Advising office is dedicated to guiding students through the processes of deciding when to apply, completing a timely and comprehensive application, as well as navigating the (sometimes) complex admissions cycle. 

Deciding when to apply is a critical first step. If students aim to begin health professions school directly after graduation, they may begin the process as early as the Fall semester of junior year. While others (and often the majority) may decide to take one or more "gap" years between undergraduate and graduate school.

PPHA is available to support JMU students and alumni up to 4 years after graduation. Current students declared in one of the 8 minor programs should reach out to their assigned advisor and refer to the program's Canvas page for extensive resources. JMU alumni are encouraged to contact the PPHA office directly and refer to the page for Alumni Resources. 

Upcoming PPH Seminars

2023 Medical School Application Seminar:

Please plan to attend the Med School Application workshop on Sunday, January 23, 2022 from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM in Bioscience 2007. Topics covered include: school selection,  authoring your application, securing letters of recommendation, gap year planning, and the letter packet process. This sessions is open to all current JMU students and alumni. Please register here. (Links to an external site.) 

**Note: we understand many alumni are not local to the Harrisonburg campus. We hope that in announcing this workshop with advanced notice, you may be able to join us for the Sunday afternoon session! 

2023 Dental School Application Seminar:

Please plan to attend the Dental School Application workshop on Friday, January 21, from 1:30-4:30pm.

Topics covered include:  selecting schools, authoring your application, securing letters of recommendation and the JMU Letter Packet process.

This workshop is open to current JMU students and alumni.

Location/Format is TBD.  More information coming soon.

Please register here (Links to an external site.).

The Letter Packet Process - Medical and Dental School Applicants

For JMU students and alumni prearping their application to Medical or Dental School, PPHA offers Letter Packet Services. If you are applying to a different health profession, we can still support you! Please contact the PPHA office or your assigned program advisor. 

PPHA will collect individual letters of recommendation on their behalf, and send a packet of the individual letters out to schools with a brief cover letter. For allopathic (MD), osteopathic (DO), and dental schools, letter packets are sent through AMCAS, AACOMAS, and AADSAS letter writer services, respectively. You need only to designate that you’re receiving a letter packet and do not include each individual letter writer separately.

Eligibility for a Letter Packet for New and Re-Applicants

  • The applicant must have graduated no more than four years prior to time of application (i.e., class of 2018 for 2023 matriculation). 
  • The applicant or re-applicant must submit the Intent to Apply Form.
  • The applicant must sign up for and participate in a Pre-Application Review (PAR).
  • The applicant must meet all paperwork deadlines (see below)
The Letter Packet Process: Pre-Application Review (PAR)

The process through which you’ll work with PPHA at JMU will help you prepare your application materials. This process also helps PPH advisors get to know you better. All of the materials you are asked to provide, along with the Pre-Application Review (PAR), feed into the overall application process. Here is a summary of should be done prior to your Pre-Application Review (PAR): 

Fall Semester

  1. Request access to the JMU Applicant Canvas page: Complete this form: https://forms.gle/YXYHQwUxyKZnxEJE9 
  2. Attend the Get Ready, Get Set Seminar. This workshop is offered at various dates/times. 
  3. Complete the Applicant (or Re-Applicant) Intent to Apply Form and submit as one PDF document in the Applicant Canvas page. This is our indication that you plan to apply for the current cycle. 
  4. Begin drafting your Pre-Application Review (PAR) Materials. 

Spring Semester

  1. Decide who you will ask for letters of recommendation, and make appointments with faculty/mentors in order to ask in person. 
  2. Attend the Spring Application Workshops 
  3. Set up your VeCollect account and send official request to letter writers.
  4. Schedule a Pre-Application Review (PAR) with the PPHA office.
  5. Continue drafting your PAR Materials and submit ahead of your scheduled PAR.

Important Dates:

February 1, 2022: Deadline to submit your Intent to Apply Form for timely Pre-Application preparation. 

June 1, 2022: Final Deadline to schedule your PAR. If you have not scheduled your PAR, PPHA will not be able to provde Letter Packet Services on your behalf.

July 15, 2022: Final Deadline to complete the PAR meeting with your assigned advisor.


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