The minor in materials science includes four major components:

  • A choice of an entry-level introductory course in materials science.
  • A lecture or laboratory course that emphasizes more specialized areas in materials science.
  • Materials science electives that can include all specialized courses.
  • Research or an additional materials science lecture or laboratory experience.

Courses for the minor are offered through the departments of chemistry, geology and environmental studies, integrated science and technology, mathematics, and physics.

Choose one of the following (3 credits):

  • MATS/ISAT 430. Materials Science in Manufacturing
  • MATS/CHEM/PHYS 275. An Introduction to Materials Science
  • MATS/GEOL 395. Geologic Perspectives in Materials Science

Choose one of the following (3 credits):

  • MATS/ISAT 436. Micro-Nanofabrication and Applications
  • ISAT/MATS 432. Selection and Use of Engineering Materials and Manufacturing Processes
  • MATS/PHYS 381. Materials Characterization

Choose Materials Science Electives (9 credits).

Complete Materials Research or Additonal Materials Science Laboratory Course (3 credits).

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