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1. Graduate-Assistant in Residence Program:

Organizations in the area have the opportunity to add a graduate assistant to their staff for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee. Graduate Assistants are full-time students in the JMU MPA program who work 20 hours per week during the academic semester in the host organization. Graduate Assistants bring expertise and energy to special projects, add capacity to regular operations, and allow organizations the flexibility to make personnel commitments in semester-long increments.

 2. Course-Based Projects:

Each academic year, projects are selected for integration into course work in several undergraduate and graduate programs. Selected projects are assigned to student teams and are managed by a supervising faculty member. Projects must meet specific learning objectives and allow students appropriate access to the participating agency.  The only cost to the organization are those that are specific to the project itself.

 3. Faculty-Led Consulting:

Faculty experts are available to provide consulting services that meet the needs of your organization. Faculty consulting is governed by university and state policy.

 4. Internship Partnering Programs:

Multiple programs require undergraduate and graduate students to complete internships during their course of study. Organizations may partner with the program to offer internship opportunities to the students. These partnerships can range from informal announcements of the opportunity to formal programs where applicants are screened.

 5. Specialized Non-Credit Courses/Training:

Working with JMU’s Outreach and Engagement staff, the public policy and administration program can develop training programs that meet the needs of your organization.



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