To gain a better understanding of the student experience, current JMU students share their perceptions and degree of satisfaction with JMU, and their self-perceptions, attitudes, values, and beliefs.


The Continuing Student Survey is administered online beginning in February. Students have until the end of the semester to complete the survey. In prior years, the Continuing Student Survey included a sample of students representing all class levels. In 2024 the process was changed to only include students with 45-70 credit hours.

Additional methodology changes beginning in 2024 are described in detail in this note.

Survey Instrument

See questions asked on the Continuing Student Survey.

Note: the instrument was revised in 2023 and only current questions are displayed in the results dashboards. The 2024 survey for information about which dashboards you should view to see the results.

Preliminary Data Briefs

See key insights derived from preliminary data. Response rate information is included in the preliminary data briefs.


  • Student Perceptions (CSS-01)
    Students provide information about their values, what they think of JMU, Core Qualities and engaged learning.
  • Student Satisfaction (CSS-02)
    Students indicate satisfaction with JMU and services.
  • Students’ Experiences (CSS-03) coming in June
    Students provide information about sense of belonging, involvement in high impact practices and opportunities at JMU.
  • Academics & Advising (CSS-04)
    Students provide information about their experiences with advising and perceptions of academic quality at JMU.
  • Student Development (CSS-05) coming in June
    Students answer questions about perceived growth and career development (CSS-05).
  • About our Continuing Students (CSS-06)
    Students provide additional information.
  • Special Topics (CSS-07) coming in June
    Students are surveyed on timely topics each year.

 Note: Visualizations are updated in June.

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