Faculty Hiring Process Resources

Policy 2101 - Faculty Hiring Procedures - This policy states in Section 5.1 Searches that "The Office of Equal Opportunity's Faculty Recruitment Handbook must guide all faculty searches conduced at the university."  The Faculty Recruitment Handbook has been replaced with the Academic Affairs Guidelines for Recruiting and Hiring.

Faculty Recruitment - This HR portal for faculty recruitment provides access to the Faculty Recruitment, Selection and Retention mandatory training program and companion handbook (see above).

Hiring Manager Recruitment Toolkit - This toolkit contains sample interview questions, checklists, and many other informational resources that are designed to make the hiring process go smoothly.

Faculty Search Audit Checklist- OEO has the responsibility of monitoring equal employment opportunities for the university.  Monthly random reviews of faculty searches are conducted.  This PDF provides a list of documentation that will be required during an audit.


Understanding Diversity in Hiring

Providing for equal opportunity and affirmative action in the JMU hiring process is explained in this short video.


Unbiasing the Hiring Process

JMU is committed to hiring a diverse faculty and staff. Yet everyone has biases. Awareness of the value of diversity and the role of unconscious bias can lead to changing behaviors, which ultimately can make JMU a more collaborative and inclusive workplace. These resources offer different options to learn more about the value of diversity in the workplace and bias in hiring.

Talent Development offers several face to face workshops on diversity related topics to increase awareness and understanding.

Guide on Unbiasing - re:Work from Google: Google has been on a multi-year journey to understand how decisions are made at work, how inclusive organizational cultures are built and sustained, and how individuals can take conscious control of their actions, behaviors, and cultural contributions. This journey has led Google to dive into the world of the unconscious mind. This guide provides learning options that include a short informational video on why unbiasing is important in the workplace, a one hour video presentation, or tools to create your own workshop including facilitator slides and guide.

What You Can Do To Minimize Bias (one page PDF worksheet)

Assess your implicit bias through the Implicit Association Test (IAT) from Project Implicit at Harvard University.

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