• default image Annual Department of Psychology Student Symposium - April 16
    May 10, 2012: Psychology students will share their work by presenting posters at the Annual Department of Psychology Student Symposium to be held on Monday April 16 from 2:30-4:30 pm in Mille
  • default image Arun Gandhi Extends Grandfather's Message
    May 10, 2012: Arun Gandhi, the grandson of spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi will visit James Madison University April 19 to present "Lessons Learned from My Grandfather: Nonviolence in a Violen
  • default image Former JMU Journalist Wins Pulitzer
    May 10, 2012: Reporter and James Madison University alumnus Jeff Gammage is part of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for public service, which was awarded to The Philadelphia Inquirer Apri
  • Erik Stang working at Bristol-Myers Squibb JMU chemistry lab to Bristol-Myers Squibb
    April 20, 2012: More than 1,500 Americans will die of cancer today. When 2012 is over, more than 500,000 people will have been beaten by cancer. Erik Stang ('06) is working to change that.
  • default image Chemistry Majors Recognized for Excellence by Goldwater Foundation
    April 18, 2012: A pair of JMU chemistry majors has been recognized by the Barry M. Goldwater Foundation for their outstanding academic work.
  • Anna Applegate scores dream internship with Finnish American Football League One foot in the door
    April 1, 2012: Sports management major and avid football fan Anna Applegate was speechless. The phone call from Michael Quarshie, a defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders, invited her to complete a summer internship with the Finnish American Football League...
  • Group from JMU poses at museum focused on Arabic culture Choosing to understand
    April 1, 2012: Church, temple or mosque? In today's world where controversies over religion, culture and ideology abound, it's a refreshing change to see people build positive relationships across cultures. JMU students and professors are doing just that.
  • - Back for the future
    April 1, 2012: A once thriving community is robbed of its economic stability, and its people must deal with joblessness, illiteracy, poverty and a crumbling infrastructure. While efforts to revive such a community can seem insurmountable, JMU has found a way...
  • Brian Balmages at the Centennial performance of Portraits in Bluestone. Communicating through music
    April 1, 2012: "I went to JMU because of the reputation of the Music Industry Program and the trumpet teacher. Both offered a level of education that I did not feel I could get elsewhere in a similar environment," says composer and conductor Brian Balmages...
  • JMU engineering focuses on sustainability Designing Sustainable Solutions
    April 1, 2012: JMU's single, integrated engineering degree that focuses on sustainability, design and systems analysis is educating and training engineering versatilists who can address the wide range of ever-changing engineering challenges of the 21st century.
  • 104108883 Hello Hollywood
    April 1, 2012: You might find Jay Leno standing at your apartment door, asking you to be on his show. You research stories for good movie material. Your office view is the iconic Hollywood sign. It's daily life for students in JMU's L.A. Study Program.
  • Students display projects for entrepreneur class. Who is the JMU entrepreneur?
    April 1, 2012: These entrepreneurs are intense competitors and go after a challenge - and they are JMU students.
  • J. Peter Pham receives the 2008 Nelson Mandela International Prize for African Security and Development. Why Africa matters — to me, my students and our country
    April 1, 2012: When I began my career, one of my mentors, knowing of my passionate, personal and professional interest in Africa...
  • Members of JMU's Duke Battalion Building global officers
    April 1, 2012: How do you mold future military officers to have the global awareness and language proficiency so crucial in today's world? Take a look at JMU's Army ROTC Project GO-Nenda Alliance.
  • JMU alum Matthew Wasniewski, historian for the U.S. House of Representatives JMU inducts U.S. House historian into Phi Beta Kappa
    April 1, 2012: Matthew Wasniewski leads the work of recording the life and times of the U.S. House.
  • default image Saturday Morning Physics: And You Thought Learning Happened Only During the Week
    December 20, 2010: High school students and teachers spent their Saturday mornings exploring cutting edge research topics in physics and astronomy.
  • default image President-elect Visits JMU
    December 20, 2010: President-elect Jonathan Alger began his listening tour during his first official visit to campus.
  • default image Fulbright Award Opens Math, Science Vista for Tongen
    December 20, 2010: Fulbright Scholar Dr. Anthony Tongen is preparing to spend the 2012-2013 academic year in Mexico, where he will collaborate on research focusing on dengue virus and also teach.
  • default image Fulbright Award Opens Math, Science Vista for Tongen
    December 20, 2010: Dr. Anthony Tongen will spend a year in Mexico on a Fulbright Scholarship focusing on dengue fever research.
  • default image April 2012 Board of Visitors Summary of Actions/Discussions
    December 20, 2010: Board of Visitors Summary of Actions/Discussions
  • default image Nursing Simulation a Matter of Life and Death
    December 20, 2010: JMU nursing students hone their skills during real-world simulations.
  • default image JMU Honors Its Newest Graduates
    December 20, 2010: JMU prepares for 2012 May commencement.

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