Requirements & Basic Information

All music majors at James Madison University are required to give at least one degree recital, depending on degree requirements (see the Undergraduate Handbook for more information on specific requirements). However, some students elect to give a non-degree recital during their time at JMU.

Non-Degree Recital Spaces & Availability

Non-degree recitals happening on campus can take place in Anthony-Seeger Auditorium or in a classroom in the Music Building. A reservation in any location on campus must take place through Sarah Macomber. 

Recitals in Anthony-Seeger* are usually scheduled on Fridays at 8:00pm, or Saturdays and Sundays at 12:00pm, 2:30pm, 5:00pm, or 7:30pm. Times will vary based on availability. 

Recitals held in the Choral Rehearsal Room 142 or the Large Ensemble Rehearsal Room 108 can be scheduled as available. 

*non-degree recitals in Anthony-Seeger Auditorium require a $25 fee in order to supplement the cost of providing crew for a non-credited event.


All on-campus recitals are scheduled through Sarah Macomber, the Director of Concert & Support Services. You may email Sarah Macomber ( or come to her office in room 127 of the Music Building to ask about available dates. Once a date and time are chosen, it is the student's responsibility to alert their professor and any others involved in the recital. 

Recitals held in Anthony-Seeger require scheduling a dress rehearsal through Sarah Macomber and turning in paperwork at least 4 weeks in advance.

Cancellation Policies

 Anthony-Seeger Auditorium/JMU Music Building Cancellation Policy

All cancellations need to be communicated to Sarah Macomber ( Recitals cancelled in Anthony-Seeger Auditorium or the JMU Music Building can be rescheduled if a date and time are available. 


The School of Music Office of concert & Support Services will print the programs for all student recitals free of charge. Please follow the below procedure:

  1. Use the appropriate program template.
  2. All recital parties involved should approve program, including professors.
  3. Once approved by professors, please email to Donna Wampler ( or the Graduate Assistant that has been corresponding with you. This email should show that it was approved by your professor(s).
  4. Please pick up program by 3:00PM the day of your recital or by 3:00PM on Friday if your recital is on the weekend. 
Off-Campus Recitals

Students are permitted to perform off-campus with their applied professor's permission, and it must be in Harrisonburg city/Rockingham County. Most off-campus recitals are held in churches in downtown Harrisonburg, and students must handle all scheduling and logistics of the recital. 

Please inform Sarah Macomber ( of your off-campus recital so it can be advertised on our Student Recital Calendar


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