Tanya Corcuera


Soprano Tanya Corcuera is a doctoral candidate from the Philippines pursuing a DMA in Vocal Performance, Pedagogy, and Literature under Prof. Kevin McMillan at James Madison University. She completed her master's degree in Vocal Performance in Japan as a full scholar at the Elisabeth University of Music under soprano Katsura Masako. Tanya was also a recipient of the Monbugakusho Special City Scholarship, and the Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Scholarship thereafter. Upon graduation she received the St. Cecilia's Award and was featured in the university's 24th Shinjin Concert. She completed her music undergraduate degree at the University of the Philippines' College of Music under Austrian-trained soprano Camille Lopez Molina. 

Tanya won 3rd place at the 7th Tokyo International Vocal Competition, wherein no 1st place was awarded. She also ranked 4th in the 35th Iizuka Shinjin Music Competition. Tanya has worked with New York-based soprano Evelyn Mandac, tenor Arthur Espiritu, and has performed in masterclasses under Prof. Arthur Espiritu. She has also had the privilege of working with conductors Alessandro Palumbo, Christian Hammer, Darrell ang, Derrick Inouye, Sato Masahiro, Arturo Molina, and Lim Yau; and directors Vincenzo Grisostomi Travaglini, Prince Sisowath Ravivaddhana Monipong, Dr. Anton Juan, Paul Morales, Ed Lacson, Floy Quintos, Leo Rialp, Nobuaki Imai, Tatsuji Iwata, Soxie Topacio, Laurice Guillen, and Alex Cortez in various solo and ensemble performances. 

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