You must undergo training with the Microscopy Director before you can use the instruments in this facility. This applies to all students, faculty, and staff.

To Request Training

  1. Contact Dr. Kubow at to schedule your first training session
  2. Read the user guidelines and fill out a registration form
  3. (Non-JMU users must also complete a liability release form)
  4. Bring the form(s) to your first training session

To Gain Access to the 2035 Lab Only

Faculty whose students need access only to the lab space (e.g. for histology) should email the Microscopy Director the student's name, email address, and ID number. The Director will add the student to an approved access list and then the faculty member can request card access via the Biology Department's online form. Users granted access in his way may not use any of the microscopes, analysis workstations, or the 3D printer.

Usage Fees

Hourly usage fees are determined by the user's type of institution/company and, in the case of academic and non-profit institutions, by the availability of funding. Users without any extramural or institutional funding should contact the Director to discuss options. The Microscopy Facility seeks to provide an open research and educational resource to JMU and the Northern Shenandoah region. JMU Biology Department faculty, staff, and students are not assessed fees, but are strongly encouraged to include funding for their anticipated use in their grant applications. 

JMU Academic, Non-profit Commercial
No grant With grant No grant With grant
Nikon TE2000 (widefield mode) 3 6 6 12 24
Nikon TE2000 (confocal mode) 5 10 10 20 40
Leica Macroscope 3 5 5 10 20
All other microscopes 2 4 4 8 16
Assisted use and training surcharge --- --- --- 10 10

All rates are in dollars per hour. Assisted use and training rates = usage fee + surcharge.


When data collected on the Microscopy Facility instrumentation are published or presented, the authors should acknowledge the facility in the acknowledgements section or other location as appropriate.

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