LGBTQ Employee Group at JMU

Call to Membership

To become a member of the LGBTQ Employee Group at JMU is to formally join an employee group dedicated to serving the common interests of equality for LGBTQ people at JMU, especially those without the ability to participate openly and safely in shaping the university culture, values, and practice in this area. Being a member means supporting the value of visibility for LGBT*Q employees to our employers, our colleagues, our students, and the community at large. Being a member means engaging in organized advocacy, activism, and collaborative leadership in the pursuit of a safer, more equitable employment experience for all LGBTQ and allied colleagues.

Privacy statement

The LGBTQ Employee at JMU group is committed to advocating for equality in the spirit of inclusivity and transparency for everyone who works at JMU, while also respecting the privacy and confidentiality of its members. Membership information is received and maintained by the Steering Committee. De-identified demographic information about group membership in aggregate may be used in communication and advocacy. The LGBTQ Employee group at JMU sends and receives regular communication and conducts routine group business using JMU affiliated systems and resources (i.e., JMU computers and software applications, including email). With very few exceptions, all recorded information that documents a transaction or activity by or with university employees as part of their job is considered a public record and subject to disclosure under circumstances described by state law and university policy. In the event of special cases or issues that require particular sensitivity, group business may be conducted using non-JMU systems and resources. Accordingly, please consider providing an alternate email address in addition to your email.

Read the Proposed Bylaws for the group


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