Computer Information Systems (CIS)

Targeted Learning Outcome: Students will be able to conduct an effective requirements elicitation interview.

Why this Outcome? 

  • Requirement elicitation is the most important phase of building a system
  • Profession is not teaching this skill well
  • Comments from advisory board/employers 

Modifications to Assessment, Curriculum, and Individual Courses: The CIS program (with the help of the CFI and CARS):

  • Developed a rubric after gaining insights from interviewing experts in the field, debriefing with CIS faculty, and observing CIS students.
  • Mapped the "As-Is" curriculum (what was currently being taught in CIS) to the "To-Be" curriculum (what will be taught, activities, etc.) by "Blooming" each area of the rubric.
  • Scaffolded the learning interventions (the "To-Be" curriculum) across 7 courses. 
  • Created new assignments that will be utilized in courses to help students achieve all aspects of the Requirements Elicitation learning outcome.
  • Will continue to use the rubric as interventions are implemented into the curriculum.
Bloom's Taxonomy


CIS Learning Improvement

School of Communication Studies (SCOM)

Targeted Program-Level Learning Outcome: After completing the core, students will be able to integrate, evaluate, and value the theories, strategies, and practice of persuasion in a variety of contexts.

Targeted Course-Learning Outcomes: 

  • Analyze and evaluate persuasive messages appropriate to a given context.
  • Modify and improve persuasive messages appropriate to a given context.
  • Learn to apply ethical principles to varying persuasive contexts.
  • Recognize and integrate ways that diverse audiences and strategies are interrelated.  
  • Analyze and evaluate the functions of persuasion in society as exhibited in a variety of contexts. 

Modifications to Assessment, Curriculum, and Individual Courses:

  • Formation of curriculum (in progress) and assessment committees. 
  • Collaboration of committees to create a case-study of persuasive messages and accompanying rubric. (in progress)

Results: In progress.

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