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Alumni News

Stephen Lambert, Ph.D.

Nonprofit and Community Leadership, 2014


Dr. Lambert accepted a volunteer position to be the Conference Chair of OverDRIVE 2017 in Seattle, WA- a fundraising analytics-based educational program for non-profits and higher education. Dr. Lambert will choose faculty and develop the programming for the conference. This event is part of the professional development programming offered by the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA).

Sam Nickels, Ph.D.
Nonprofit and Community Leadership, 2016

Sam Nickels

Dr. Nickels has presented papers at various conferences this year including ARNOVA in Washington, D.C., the 2nd Regional Mental Health Conference in Costa Rica, and the 3rd Health Research Congress in El Salvador. Dr. Nickels' and his partners' mental health organization in El Salvador received a 2 year grant from the Dorothy Ann Foundation for 2017-2018. This spring he will be teaching a research seminar for Honors College students at JMU, and 2 courses in Global Health at Mary Baldwin University. Also, Dr. Nickels is now a "Research Affiliate" with the JMU Department of Graduate Psychology.

Lori Pyle, Ph.D.
Postsecondary Analysis and Leaderhship, 2013
lori pyle

In September, Dr. Pyle presented “Ethical Reasoning: Moving the Liberal Arts Tradition into 21st Century Action” with Erin Phillippi at the Association for General and Liberal Studies Annual Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. She also presented “Empathy, Fairness, Liberty: Are Leaders Asking the Right Ethical Questions for Decision Making?”at the International Leadership Association 18th Annual Global Conference in Atlanta GA in November.

Dr. Pyle also teamed up with Madison Collaborative Chair Dr. Bill Hawk to teach a special elective course this fall- LEAD 703: Special Topics in Leadership: Leadership and Ethics to SSLS students. The course was designed to help prepare doctoral students in leadership studies for complicated moral problems they encounter as leaders and in daily life. The course explored a variety of domains including ethics, ethical reasoning, behavioral ethics, moral development, moral psychology, moral philosophy, behavioral economics, social psychology, and decision sciences and how those domains relate to overall leadership studies and leadership practice. 

Daisha M. Merritt, Ph.D.
Nonprofit and Community Leadership, 2015
Daisha accepting award

Dr. Merritt was presented the Nancy Macduff Scholarship at ARNOVA's annual conference in Washington, D.C. this November. This scholarship helps provide Academics or Practitioners with the opportunity to attend the ARNOVA conference and continue to help bridge the gap between the two professional worlds. Dr. Merritt also presented two papers at this conference:

  • “Motivations for Remittances and Philanthropy – Towards an Integrated (Mid-Range) Theory of Giving.” (Collaborative- Merritt, D.M., Sabith, K., & De Wit, Arjen.)
  • "Understanding Nonprofit Partnerships by Experience."
India Harris, Ph.D.
K-12 Educational Leadership, 2016
India Harris

Dr. Harris, was chosen as the recipient of the 2016 Brenda Lloyd Outstanding Dissertation Award by the Virginia Educational Research Association (VERA) committee for her dissertation entitled “The Achievement Gap and Students Living in Poverty: The Role of Core Self-Evaluation and Transformational Leadership in Teachers.” Dr. Harris was presented the award at the VERA conference on September 16th in Charlottesville, Virginia.  


Who's ABD!?!

Nonprofit and Community Leadership

  • Theresa Reimbold
  • Kimberlee Hartzler-Weakley
  • Geary Cox, II
  • Roxy Allen Kioko

Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership

  • Natasha DuMerville
  • Paul Morgan

K-12 Educational Leadership

  • Abbott Keesee
  • Chris Rehm
  • Dara Hall
Who's taking comps?

Nonprofit and Community Leadership

  • Lisa Akers
  • Calvin Chung
  • Terry Fernsler
  • Aaron Noland

Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership

  • Paul Mabrey
  • Heather Patterson
Fall 2016 Course Offerings

LEAD 700 Introduction to Leadership Studies and Ethics

LEAD 703 Special Topics in Leadership Studies, Dr. Pyle and Dr. Hawk

LEAD 752 Strategic Organizational Design, Dr. Vanhove

LEAD 761 Civil Society and the Nonprofit Sector, Dr. Sloan

PSYC/LEAD 770 Assessment and Public Policy, Dr. Erwin

LEAD 800 Research Practicum, Dr. Sloan, Dr. Erwin

LEAD 890 Advanced Leadership Dynamics, Dr. Ford

LEAD 891 Externship

LEAD 900 Dissertation

Spring 2017 Course Offerings

LEAD 750 Organizational Science Theory and Change, Dr. Vanhove

LEAD 754 Organizational Policy: Analysis and Accountability, Dr. Vanhove

LEAD 760 Proseminar in Principles of Nonprofit Organizations, Dr. Sloan

LEAD 780 Policy Development and Analysis in Postsecondary Education, Dr. Erwin

LEAD 800 Research Practicum, Dr. Erwin

LEAD 900 Dissertation

Current Student Achievements and News

Lisa Akers
Nonprofit and Community Leadership

Lisa Akers

  • Lisa Akers joined the Executive Leadership Team for the March of Dimes Harrisonburg March for Babies. March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. 
  • Recipient of the Women's Health-Dietetic Practive Group Excellence in Practice in Women’s Health Award. 
  • The Graduate School Travel Grants Award Recipient (ARNOVA presentation, November 2016). See student publications for more details. 
Roxy Allen Kioko
Nonprofit and Community Leadership

Roxy Allen


The Graduate School Travel Grants Award Recipient (2 papers presented at ARNOVA, November 2016). See student publications and presentations for more details. 

Kim Hartzler-Weakley
Nonprofit and Community Leadership
kim gus bus

Kim Hartzler-Weakley received the 2016 National Arts & Humanities Youth Program Award presented by First Lady Michelle Obama at The White House for her work with the Reading Road Show & Gus Bus literacy program. Read more about The Reading Road Show & Gus Bus program here.

Eric O. Smith
Nonprofit and Community Leadership

eric smith

Eric was selected as the awardee of the Southern Regional Educational Board (SREB) State Doctoral Scholars Program for Virginia. The goal of the Doctoral Scholars Program is to increase the number of minority students who earn doctorates and choose to become faculty at colleges and universities through providing multiple layers of support including financial assistance, research funding, professional development opportunities, and career counseling. Read more here.
Theresa Reimbold
Nonprofit and Community Leadership


Theresa was selected as one of ARNOVA’s Doctoral Fellows for 2016.  Theresa joined nine other Fellows and three faculty members for the Doctoral Fellows Seminar II during the ARNOVA conference in November in Washington, D.C. The seminar provides fellows the opportunity to get feedback on research, a stipend to support travel to the conference, and mentoring and networking opportunities.

Terry Fernsler
Nonprofit and Community Leadership

terry fernsler

The Graduate School Travel Grants Award Recipient (paper presented at ARNOVA, November 2016). See student publications for more details.
Paul Mabrey, III
Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership
paul mabrey

Paul and his collaborators received a 4-VA Grant Award for using debate and argument education to improve student learning and faculty engagement in education and exceptional education across the Commonwealth. Using 4-VA technologies, Paul and his team will collaborate with faculty at George Mason University, Longwood University, and Virginia Commonwealth University to redesign some of their courses, provide support, and research the impact of debate and argument education. Undergraduate and graduate students will be collaborating with them on the JMU side of this project.

Aaron Noland
Nonprofit and Community Leadership

Aaron Noland’s paper “The Relationship Between Slacktivism and Online and Offline Social Capital, Cosmopolitanism, and Social Cause Engagement Activities” was selected as Top Paper in Applied Communications for the Eastern Communication Association Conference to be held March 29-April 2 in Boston, MA. 

Student Presentations and Publications

Organizational Science and Leadership Students and Faculty Collaboration


Alyse Lehrke 


Kristin Sowden


Tiffany Brutus


Adam Vanhove, Ph.D.

Organizational Science and Leadership students and faculty had chapters accepted for publication in the forthcoming book entitled Double-edged sword: The leader as the servant; and the servant as the leader, published by Palgrave MacMillian: 

  • “Servant Leadership and Gender” by Alyse Lehrke and Kristen Sowden 
  • “Leading by Serving: Redefining the Roles of Leaders and Followers in Today’s Workplace” by Tiffany Brutus and Dr. Vanhove
Paul Mabrey, III
Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership

Paul Mabrey

Smith, E. L., Donovan, K. J., Howard, K. A., Takahashi, L. S., Yung, R., Roy, M. M., Uyguner, N., Mabrey III, P. E., & Lee, M. R. (2016, August). Experiences of Discrimination by College Students with Disabilities. Poster presented at the American Psychological Association Annual Convention, Denver, CO. 

Collaborative work "Madison Matters: Fostering Institutional Change through Student Research on Campus Climate” accepted to the American Association of Colleges & Universities conference Diversity, Learning, and Student Success: Voices Leading Change in March 2017. 

Kim Hartzler-Weakley
Nonprofit and Community Leadership

Kim presented two collaborative works at the 2016 Department of Health and Human Services Teen Pregnancy Prevention Conference “Connecting the Dots: Collaborating to Achieve Lasting Impacts for Youth (https://www.cmpinc.net/tppconference/home.html):

Poster presentation with Michael Maurice (IHHS, JMU)- “Parent perceptions and attitudes toward sexuality education in rural Virginia”

Panel presentation with Michael Maurice and Kati Derrick (IHHS, JMU)- “More partners isn't always risky: Creating multi-sector partnerships to develop and implement a community-wide action plan”

Nick Swayne
Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership
nick swayne

Seán McCarthy, Audrey Barnes, Kevin Giovanetti, Fred Briggs, Patrice Ludwig, Kelsey Robinson, and Nick Swayne. 2016. Undergraduate Social Entrepreneurship Education and Communication Design. In Proceedings of the 34th ACM International Conference on the Design of Communication (SIGDOC '16). ACM, New York, NY, USA, , Article 29 , 5 pages. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1145/2987592.2987625

SSLS at ARNOVA 16 Conference

SSLS's Nonprofit concentration was well-represented at ARNOVA's annual conference this year, held November 17-19 in Washington, D.C. The following student, alumni, faculty, and student-faculty collaborative projects were presented at this year's conferece themed "Nonprofit, Philanthropy, and Government- Policy and Partnership in an Era of Change:"

Akers, L. & Sloan, M.F. (2016, November) “The Reciprocating Effect of Nonprofit Hospital Community Development.”

Allen, R. (2016, November) “The Development of Undergraduate Education for Social Entrepreneurship and Nonprofit Management: Current Trends and Future Directions.”

Allen, R. (2016, November) “Holding Ourselves Accountable: A Comparison of Accountability Mechanisms for Social Enterprises.”

Chung, S. (2016, November) “Cultural Values and Voluntary Participation: A Comparison Study Between USA and South Korea.”

Ford, K.A. & Fernsler, T. (2016, November) “Are They Collaborating? Exploring Small to Mid-Size Nonprofits Collaborative Experiences.”

Merritt, D.M., Sabith, K., & De Wit, Arjen. (2016, November) “Motivations for Remittances and Philanthropy – Towards an Integrated (Mid-Range) Theory of Giving.” Presented at 45th Annual Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Conference, Washington, D.C.

Nickels, S. (2016, November) “Do Grassroots Organizations in El Salvador Help Develop Leadership, Empowerment, and Social Capital? A Quantitative Study.” Presented at 45th Annual Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action Conference, Washington, D.C.

Faculty Publications

Adam Vanhove, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Advisor, Organizational Science and Leadership Concentration
adam vanhove

Adam J. Vanhove, Alyssa M. Gibbons & Uma Kedharnath (2016): Rater agreement, accuracy, and experienced cognitive load: Comparison of distributional and traditional assessment approaches to rating performance, Human Performance, DOI: 10.1080/08959285.2016.1192632

Harms, P.D., Vanhove, A. and Luthans, F. (2016), Positive Projections and Health: An Initial Validation of the Implicit Psychological Capital Health Measure. Applied Psychology. doi:10.1111/apps.12077

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