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The Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership Concentration Prepares Students for Careers in...
  • College or University Administration
  • College-level instruction of postsecondary education
  • Consulting
  • Educational Research/Academia
  • Policy

"With a background in higher education, I was looking for a Ph.D. program that would diversify my experiences and expand my content knowledge areas. I was impressed with the interdisciplinary approach of this program as it melds together business, research, and strategic leadership. This unique approach to higher education is what led me to apply for the program and what I continue to appreciate during the advancement of my coursework."

- Jennifer Rau, Alumna (2014) 

Jennifer Rau alumna quote

Benjamin Selznick

Dr. Benjamin Selznick
Assistant Professor
Postsecondary Concentration Coordinator
The Need for Postsecondary Leadership

Higher education administration is listed as one of the "best careers" for the future by US News and World Report. Our graduates will assume major leadership roles drawing upon their training at JMU in areas of policy, business and organization, innovation, accountability, and interpersonal skills. Graduates may enter academic, policy, or practitioner positions at a variety of postsecondary institutions, higher education organizations, state coordinating boards, and governmental agencies related to postsecondary education.


Alumni Roles Include:

  • Provost
  • Vice President
  • Professor
  • Director
  • Ombudsperson

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