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Professor Emeritus, Strategic Leadership Studies & Psychology
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Primary Research Interests
  • Accountability and Policy in Higher Education
Courses Frequently Taught
  • LEAD/PSYC 770 Assessment and Public Policy
  • LEAD 780 Policy Development and Analysis in Postsecondary Education
  • LEAD 785 Proseminar in Postsecondary Education
  • LEAD 800 Research Practicum in Postsecondary Studies

Dr. Erwin was formerly Associate Provost for Public Policy at James Madison University where he established the Center for Assessment and Research Studies.  Under Dr. Erwin’s leadership, the first doctoral program in Assessment and Measurement began fall 1998.

Dr. Erwin has testified before an Education and Workforce subcommittee of the US House of Representatives and US Department of Education committees; presented at over 100 professional conferences; and participated in numerous meetings about collegiate accountability.  He has spoken at over 70 college campuses to faculty, student affairs professionals, and administrators about outcome assessment around the world.

Dr. Erwin’s articles on college impact and assessment first appeared in 1980 and his Jossey-Bass book entitled Assessing Student Learning and Development: A Guide To The Principles, Goals, and Methods of Determining College Outcomes was published in 1991.  He is also author of the Erwin Identity Scale, the Scale of Intellectual Development, numerous articles and chapters, and a reviewer of critical thinking, problem solving, and writing assessment methods for the National Postsecondary Education Cooperative.  He serves on the editorial boards of Quality in Higher Education, Assessment Update, and Active Learning in Higher Education and as a Board of Regent for the Institute of Certified Professional Managers.

Dr. Erwin has previously been affiliated with Texas A & M University and the University of Tennessee.  He received his bachelor and master's degrees from the University of Tennessee and his doctorate in student development and measurement from The University of Iowa.

Dr. Erwin is past recipient of the Annuit Coeptis Award of the American College Personnel Association and of the Ralph F. Berdie Memorial Research Award of the American Association for Counseling and Development.  He was also past chairperson of the Measurement Services Association.

Recent Publications

Newbold, K. F., and Erwin, T. D. (2014). The education of entrepreneurs: An instrument to measure entrepreneurial development. Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship, 26(1), 141-178.

T. Dary Erwin, (2014) "Esthetic development: a model for the undergraduate experience", Quality Assurance in Education, Vol. 22 Iss: 3, pp.286 - 296.

Rau, N. E, and Erwin, T. D. (in press). Using student engagement to predict alumni donors – An analytical model. Journal of Nonprofit Education and Leadership.

Polacek, G. N., Erwin, T. D., and Rau, J. G. (2013). The longitudinal impact of an undergraduate general education wellness course in early adulthood. Journal of Health Education Teaching, 4(1), 15-23.

Erwin, T. D. (October 2012). Studying Student Learning in Postsecondary Populations. Paper produced for the National Postsecondary Education Cooperative of the National Center for Education Statistics, U. S. Department of Education.  Washington, DC. US Department of Education.

Alshehri, S. A., Alshehri, A. F., and Erwin, T. D. (2012).  Measuring the medical school educational environment: Validating an approach from Saudi Arabia. Health Education Journal, 72.

Erwin, T. D. (2012).  Intellectual college development related to alumni perceptions of personal growth.  Research and Practice in Assessment, 7, 41-49.

Erwin, T. D. and DeFilippo, J. G.  (March/April 2010).  The evolution of assessment policy: A view from Virginia.  Change, 42(2), 40-44.

Pieper, S. L., Fulcher, K. H., Sundre, D. L., & Erwin, T. D. (2008). What do I do with the data now?:  Analyzing assessment information for accountability and improvement. Research and Practice in Higher Education2(1).

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