Coaching Minor - Program of Study

Undergraduate Catalog - Information about Courses and Coaching Education Minor Requirements

The 21-credit minor in coaching education consists of 6 courses plus a 3-credit capstone experience. The requirements are distributed as follows:

When Are Classes Offered?

Course Offered
ATEP 205 Introduction to Athletic Training Fall/Spring
KIN 202 Biological Foundations of Kinesiology & Recreatiom Fall/Spring/Summer
KIN 205 Introduction to Coaching Fall/Spring
KIN 353 Maximizing Sports Performance Fall only
KIN 425 Concepts of Strength and Conditioning Fall/Spring/Summer
KIN 450 Principles of Coaching Methods Fall/ Spring
KIN 473 Internship in Coaching (Capstone) Fall/Spring/Summer

Sample Schedule for the Coaching Minor

Please note this document is provided as an advising resource only. Official curriculum requirements are listed in the JMU Undergraduate Catalog. In the case of discrepancies, the University Catalog is the official curriculum students must follow. This document was reviewed by Dr. Lori Gano-Overway on May 2023.