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The 30+30: Awareness to Action Inclusive Future Tour will feature thought leaders (co-champion/s) leading public updates to demonstrate current levels of accessibility, belonging, equity, diversity, inclusion activity, celebrate the champions involved, and invite information exchange toward continuous improvement; amplifying the power of our community’s collective intelligence, expertise and skill.

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After registering, further instructions will be provided to all presenters.

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Attendees will receive a ZOOM link a day or two in advance of open forum event.

In an effort to make the 30+30 Tour accessible and welcoming for all presenters and attendees, closed-captioning will be provided for each session. To request an accommodation other than closed-captioning, please contact at least two weeks in advance. In all situations, a good faith effort will be made to provide accommodations.

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What to Expect:

30+30: Awareness to Action Inclusive Future Tour is an opportunity for each JMU organization, individual and department to share how our community is collectively demonstrating inclusion, accessibility, diversity, equity, and belonging. Units, departments, programs and individuals are welcome to register as presenters, showcasing the status of our collective pursuits in three categories:

All sessions held in a virtual, town hall format and JMU Community members are welcome to present or attend. The first, or second 30 minutes of each session. 

First Half: 30-minute session (presented in one 30-minute or two, 15-minute segments):

Champion/s provide an update on the status, implementation and impact of the recommendation, giving account of actions and status (emerging *, developing **, transforming***), aligning with University Strategic Priorities.

Second 30-minutes: Community-Informed Continuous Improvement Discussion 

Bring your expertise! After hearing from champions, student, faculty and staff innovators are invited to stay (or arrive) immediately after the first half (awareness) for this second 30-minute segment focused on sharing intelligence, expertise, and skill in the context of continuous improvement(action).

All attendees will be invited to provide input that will move us from awareness to action.

Approved by the IRB
Protocol ID: 24-4204
Principal Investigator: Dr. Malika Carter-Hoyt
Protocol Title: Awareness to Action Inclusive Future
Department: VP, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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