The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world, with over 900 years of history. Oxford's deep roots are on display in its awe-inspiring architecture and traditions, and its focus on the future is evident in the university's state-of-the-art facilities. In the town of Oxford, you'll discover many contemporary restaurants, a traditional covered market, a bustling High Street with many shops, as well as some of the finest bookstores in the world. Oxford enrolls ~21,000 students, ~12,000 of whom are undergraduates.

For detailed information about studying abroad at Oxford, see the OPUS website at

JMU students can currently study at Oxford during the spring semester only. At Oxford, the spring contains two terms, called Hilary (Jan - March) and Trinity (April - June). Students will take two tutorials each term, and will receive ~24 JMU credits for the four tutorials taken over the two terms. JMU students will work with Dr. Linder to arrange for appropriate JMU credit.

Tutorials are intense one-on-one Socratic lessons with a content expert. Tutors require students to research, read, and analyze massive amounts of material, and to write compelling essays on that material on a weekly basis. This type of instruction is extremely challenging, and is not for the faint of heart. Exceptional writing ability and time management skills are essential.

JMU students will be student affiliates at one of five Oxford colleges - Hertford, New, St. Catherine's, Christ Church, Jesus - and will enjoy all the college privileges of regular Oxford students, including access to libraries, social events, clubs, and outings. See college websites at

Cost is currently ~ $22,000 for the two spring terms, and this cost includes tuition and housing. Food is extra, but students can eat inexpensively in their Oxford college dining hall for ~$630 per term.

Applications should be submitted to JMU's Office of International Programs between February 1 - August 1 for the subsequent year's two spring terms.

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